BDS are proud to announce the signing of a deal to work with KidsRights, a foundation which seeks to give vulnerable children a voice. This retainer means that BDS will now take responsibility for the foundation’s overall sponsorship strategy on a global scale. 

Established by Marc Dullaert in 2003, KidsRights is guided by a vision of creating a world where children’s rights are guaranteed, and where they can truly realise their own potential. For almost twenty years, KidsRights has provided a platform which empowers children to share their ideas with an international audience.

Supporting the goals of the foundation, KidsRights launched the International Children’s Peace Prize in 2005. Awarded to young people who fight courageously for children’s rights, the prize provides the winner with a global platform to promote their work as well as a project fund of €100,000.

Kids Rights LogoThe research carried out by KidsRights is similarly vital to how they operate and every year they publish the KidsRights Index as well as the KidsRights Report. The KidsRights Index stimulates the debate on children’s rights, and as such is a means for governments, organisations, children and the general public to take action for children’s rights. Based on the results of the Index, KidsRights advises governments on what they can do to improve children’s development.

Similarly, the KidsRights Report takes the work of winning peace prize recipients and conducts research on their key themes to broaden the understanding of historic and emerging issues. Previously, these areas of research have included child labour, marriage, violence and cyberbullying.

Ultimately, KidsRights strives to make a difference through action, advocacy and research. Facilitating and celebrating participation and influence in grassroots projects, the foundation measurably improves the lives and opportunities of children.

BDS is excited to be working closely with KidsRights and identifying key opportunities which will allow the foundation to make greater strides towards amplifying the voices of children.

Find out more on the KidsRights website.

Last Updated on September 29, 2023