The Media Panel

Located at the entry point to pre-security and passport control, the Media Panel consists of six 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) 55-inch digital screens. Branded visual content and contextual messages will greet all passengers as they approach security, tailored according to the time of day.

The Media Tickers

The combined length of the Media Tickers creates one of the longest digital displays of its kind. It provides a dynamic stream of digital media, electronic data and visual information, split into two tickers, one in the pre-security zone and the other in the atrium beyond security.

The Lounge

The Lounge is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of today’s international business traveller. Home to more than 260 square metres of business-friendly space, it will seat more than 180 travellers. A range of distinct zones have been designed to enable travellers to work, relax, network and prepare for their day ahead.

The Media Wall

The Media Wall is the heart of the Lounge. It is a vast, vivid digital canvas delivering essential travel information, market-moving news and analysis, relevant data, Bloomberg Television and rich promotional content:

Wi-Fi Sponsorship

By sponsoring the Wi-Fi at LCY, Bloomberg has the opportunity to connect with passengers directly on their mobile devices.

  • Passengers gain free-of-charge Wi-Fi access at the airport.
  • Mobile-optimised landing page provides scrolling market information.
  • Users can opt in to communications on Bloomberg products and services.

The arrival of the Bloomberg Hub in the LCY departure lounge furnishes our passengers with a new level of service – that of up-to-the-minute data and information – which reflects the moves we’re making towards managing the passenger journey through the use of technology. The agreement we have with Bloomberg reflects a burgeoning strategy of working with high-profile, global brands to deliver relevant content and added value to passengers as part of the airport experience.

Matthew Hall

Chief Commercial Officer, London City Airport (LCY)

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metres of scrolling digital media

Travellers seated