As investors and organisations pay more and more attention to the effects of climate change, BDS Sponsorship works hard to identify sponsorship opportunities which promote sustainability.

To ensure that our work achieves these outcomes, we align our processes with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) set out by the United Nations.

Ambitious in scope, these wide-reaching goals stretch from a commitment to ending world poverty (SDG1) to reducing the human impact on the environment (SDG13).

Perhaps the most significant of the SDG for BDS is SDG17 which is a commitment to strengthen the means of implementation and revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development. In practical terms, SDG17 emphasises the need for meaningful worldwide partnerships which demonstrate a positive impact on the environment.

At BDS, we are both guided and aligned to the vision set out in SDG17 and have a proven record of establishing the kind of effective collaborations which this area of the UN’s research considers to be crucial to building a sustainable future.

Well-experienced in helping global organisations to fulfil UN Sustainable Development Goals, BDS Sponsorship has a proven record in empowering clients when it comes to conducting sustainable development. From financial to conservation organisations, our team has identified ways of integrating sustainability into all of the partnerships we forge, no matter the industry or size.

In addition to completing a series of environmental programmes, BDS Sponsorship also has considerable experience working with charity organisations as well as businesses in the public sector. Experience in these areas has complemented our work with environmental organisations and has ultimately helped to form a broad perspective of how to form sustainable sponsorship agreements.

By working with clients who share a similar vision and who also recognise their duty to improving the world and communities around them, we’re proud to forge and foster partnerships which bring a clear social and environmental benefit.

BDS works closely with JS Global Advisory, specialists in all aspects of sustainability and ESG. Key services include engagement programmes for the understanding and mitigation of climate risk, full-spectrum ESG consulting, Energy Transition and Net Zero, TCFD Advisory, Sustainability Strategy Development and Implementation, and Green Finance.

JS Global’s Founding Director Jane Stevensen has over 25 years’ experience supporting businesses in addressing the challenge of climate change. She is a former Director of Sustainability Advisory Services at Grant Thornton LLP, was Managing Director of the Climate Disclosure Standards Board, was Chair of the Energy Advisory Group at CDP and led CDP’s engagement with the global Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) supporting the secretariat and corporate members in the development of the recommendations and framework. She has advised the UN Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative and the UK-City of London Green Finance Initiative.

Richard Busby and Jane Stevensen have worked together for over two decades.

Constantly seeking new ways to do sustainable business, BDS Sponsorship has an ongoing commitment to being recognised as a sponsorship agency which remains fully up to date with environmental initiatives. From updates to the UN Sustainable Development Goals to the legislation which surrounds best practices in climate-related activities , our team ensures that all of our clients have the most current information available to them when considering their sponsorship opportunities.

To find out more about the sustainable strategies employed by BDS Sponsorship, simply contact our team today. They will be happy to discuss all of the ways that we can help to empower you and your organisation to seize powerful and future-friendly sponsorship opportunities.