BDS work for both sponsors and sponsor seekers.

Our wide range of sponsorship services include:

  • Sponsorship and commercialisation audit
  • Sponsorship and commercialisation strategy
  • Sponsor seeking
  • Sponsorship management
  • Sponsorship activation
  • Sponsorship creation

Commercialisation Info

  • Sponsorship feasibility studies
  • Sponsorship evaluation
  • Sponsorship servicing
  • Competitive analysis
  • Sponsorship evaluation and pricing
  • Property creation
  • Strategic development
  • Sponsorship implementation
  • Training of personnel
  • Sponsorship exploitation
  • Integrated marketing programmes
  • Devising, managing and maximising sponsorship programmes

Securing, managing and maximising income streams in addition to sponsorship such as:



Retail merchandising units


Enhanced deals from suppliers

Car valet

Casual leasing

Building wraps

Wireless masts etc.