BDS have recently been employed by World Bowls Tour as the sponsorship agency responsible for developing a sponsorship strategy and undertaking sponsorship sales.

The World Bowls Tour was established in 1979 and today comprises five of the world’s leading live televised indoor bowls championships – Scottish International Open, World Professional Indoor Championships, International Open, European Masters Finals and Welsh International Open. The events feature action packed end-to-end bowling from the world’s top ranked players and are televised live on the BBC in the UK, Eurosport and BSKYB, attracting total audiences in excess of 3 million.

Organised by the World Bowls Tour (a company formed by the Professional Bowls Association in 1992) and the governing body for world indoor bowls (the World Indoor Bowls Council or WIBC), the aim of the tour is to increase the profile of the sport of bowls at all levels and abilities, open further opportunities in coaching, youth development and sport promotion, and to work closely together with its commercial partners to assist and help in developing their promotion of brands and marketing opportunities for all concerned.

Last Updated on January 3, 2023