BDS Sponsorship has been appointed by ShowStar Boxing to create and deliver the sports sponsorship sales strategy for a new series of ‘white-collar’ boxing matches. These exciting matches will feature some of the world’s biggest social media influencers, making the events prime for sports sponsorship stakeholders.

ShowStar boxing merges the world of celebrity social media influencers with the drama, passion and entertainment of sport. ShowStar Boxing will host the first in this new series of celebrity boxing matches in March 2021.

The new series focuses on a carefully curated roster of social media influencers from high-profile platforms including YouTube and Instagram. The influencers entering the boxing ring in March 2021 command a combined following of over 20 million predominantly 18-34 year-olds.

Primed for sports sponsorship

ShowStar Boxing is a made-for-TV property, perfect for sports sponsorship. Content will be distributed digitally, delivering a highly engaged distribution ecosystem of digital channels, including Pay-Per-View. This new sports brand combines powerful advance visibility through social media mentions with high-performing longtail lifespan on-demand via YouTube. Demand for space from sponsors is expected to be high.

ShowStar Boxing is at the intersection of Sport and Lifestyle marketing, building on the phenomenal success of the KSI v Logan Paul fights which attracted one of the biggest online audiences ever (receiving 115m YouTube views).

Fighters will include Love Island’s Sam Gowland (1.3m Instagram followers), Aneson Gib (2.18m YouTube subscribers), JMX Joel Morris (2.5M YouTube subscribers) and Georgia Harrison (1m Instagram followers). Many more social media and YouTube influencers are scheduled to appear as a part of the ShowStar Boxing events, each bringing with them an engaged audience of followers.

ShowStar Boxing taps into the world of youth culture and harnesses the immense power and growth of the influencer generation through the latest in live-streaming technology.

Last Updated on October 19, 2023