BDS Sponsorship have been employed by SALUTE as the sponsorship agency set to undertake sponsorship sales in the search for partners for this pioneering music competition.

Having started in 2017, SALUTE launched the UK pilot of a unique, technology driven competition to find the most innovative and diverse makers of original music across all genres. Targeting in particular the hard to reach 16-34 year olds this pilot achieved an astounding 3.5million+ direct engagements and 3 million+ video streams.

Following on from this huge initial success of the pilot, SALUTE will now roll out and also be further enhanced with the introduction of various new elements including Live Tours throughout the UK and then launching SALUTE in Europe over the next two years and followed shortly after by Asia, Americas and Australasia.

Enabling participants to discover new songs and artists before they can be found on Spotify, SALUTE have a unique partnership with Facebook and have pioneered a whole new way of audience voting. This has been delivered through ‘amplify’ – a new technology platform that fundamentally alters how people experience and share music.

Showcasing song writing talent from all genres, as well as celebrating diversity and inclusivity, SALUTE is working with the PRS (Performing Rights Society) to encourage more female song writers to take part and build further on the 51 ethnic groups that entered the UK pilot programme. A further aim is to continue building SALUTE’s partnership with UNILAD whereby the competition content is streamed through UNILAD’s social channels which have over 30 million followers.

Last Updated on September 22, 2022