Appointed by the pioneering aerospace company Orbex to develop a sponsorship strategy and road map for securing new partners, BDS Sponsorship identified a series of significant opportunities that will enable the organisation to generate additional revenue. In addition to increasing revenue, the strategy also identified approaches that will ensure that Orbex is able to build its profile whilst pushing the boundaries of innovation and sustainability.

As a comprehensive strategy, the approach outlined in the roadmap begins with a sponsorship vision that encompasses values and objectives. Serving as a clear mission statement, these values are channelled into approaches that can create lasting, long-term strategic alliances with appropriate brands. Putting a price on such alliances, the sponsorship strategy contains pricing and forecasting information that ultimately seeks to provide an accurate and meaningful roadmap for Orbex to follow.

Designed to be as actionable as possible, the strategy identifies a target list of brands as well as specific activation ideas that can be implemented in order to capitalise on these opportunities and create the most value possible for both Orbex and their sponsors. To this end, the strategy outlines exactly what makes Orbex a unique proposition in their industry. By providing this level of competitive positioning, the strategy capably demonstrates what sets the organisation apart from similar businesses seeking sponsorship.

Altogether, the strategy presents a series of recommendations that promise to generate significant revenue for Orbex. As an organisation that is at the forefront of space travel in the UK, there is reason to be highly confident that Orbex can acquire exciting and high-value sponsorship opportunities.

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Photo by ActionVance on Unsplash

Last Updated on February 5, 2024