Richard Busby Joins the Balanced Ambition Podcast to discuss his many years in the Sponsorship Industry. A journey that has led him to be seen today as one of the leading innovators and pathfinders in the Global Sponsorship industry.

Earlier this week, Richard Busby joined Matt Southam of the Balanced Ambition podcast to learn more about the world of sponsorship. A pioneer in the UK Sponsorship industry Richard describes his journey from the book publishing industry through the early days of the sponsorship industry through to now.

He shares his “behind-the-scenes experiences” across many sectors and also gives illustrative examples of how the right sponsorship strategy can provide very significant and measurable, added value. Plus he reveals the maddest sponsorship idea that he was ever asked to advise on!

From the early days of sports sponsorship through to the burgeoning opportunities opening up in the space industry, the podcast features illuminating stories and powerful illustrations of both the power and the potential, of the sponsorship marketplace.

Essential listening for anyone working in sponsorship, marketing, communications, public relations, customer retention and HR, the podcast provides insights that aid both novice and experienced, practitioners to implement innovative strategies that add value to their own business journey.

The podcast is available on Apple and Spotify, or you can listen via YouTube.

Last Updated on February 20, 2024