BDS Sponsorship have been appointed by the Property Investor Awards as the sponsorship agency assigned to develop a sponsorship strategy and to also create the sponsorship sales materials.

The Property Investors Awards attracts respected investors and experts from organisations who service the property investment industry including CEO’s of banks, mortgage companies, crowd funding platforms, insurance firms, media outlets and many more. With over 550 property investors attending from across the UK for a night of entertainment and celebration – the evening provides the opportunity to look back on successes from the last year, positively positioning high calibre investors for another year of growth and achievement.

The event provides sponsors with significant opportunities to engage with a number of HNWI. The PIA attendees have a collective property worth of £2.82 billion.

PIA has a strategy to grow the number of events in their portfolio year on year. Through: webinars, leadership events and a Great Property Debate event.

Last Updated on January 3, 2023