Proud to be involved in a highly worthwhile initiative, BDS was delighted to create the sponsorship strategy for Screening for Schools (SfS). Helping to remove a significant barrier to learning, SfS provides an online screening system that can be used without any clerical training. This system ultimately allows schools to quickly identify any children who may suffer from poor vision.

The reason for identifying poor vision amongst students is considerable; it is estimated that around 15% of all school children suffer from poor vision that directly affects their ability to learn. Free to use, the software was developed at the Department of Optometry at the University of London and provides results within three minutes. Used by over 3,000 schools, the system produces personalised reports that outline steps towards overcoming the cause of impaired vision.

As a much-needed service with a clearly defined social purpose, BDS is excited to be working alongside SfS to identify sponsorship opportunities that will allow the organisation to receive funding from suitably aligned businesses and brands.

To find out more about the work that BDS does in collaboration with corporate, charitable, and educational organisations, simply get in touch today. Alternatively, feel free to contact our team to begin mapping out a sponsorship strategy for your business.

Last Updated on September 2, 2022