Last year, we were proud to reveal how BDS Sponsorship helped assemble a sponsorship offering in support of a competition hosted by Climate Hack. A highly timely initiative, the Climate Hack AI competition challenged students from 25 of the world’s best universities to identify ways of using AI to tackle carbon emissions.

Sponsored by the Global Innovation Hub, Ennovate, and Newcross Healthcare, the launch of the competition saw the organisers attract an incredible amount of interest in coverage. More specifically, Climate Hack announced this week that they had received over 130,000 page views, £50,000 in prizes, 383 participants from 4 countries, and had established themselves in the global climate and AI community.

Tasked with forecasting the next two hours of cloud coverage of the UK given the previous hour in EUMETSAT images using machine learning, a vital component of the larger pipeline to predict solar photovoltaic power production. No easy feat, this challenge has enabled Open Climate Fix to accomplish 2.8 times better than existing models that are used by the National Grid ESO. Such an improvement ultimately stands to save up to 100 kilo tons of carbon per year in the UK alone, which is certainly no bad thing!

Following the final, the Climate Hack AI organisers revealed how they were impressed with the submissions they received, and remain confident that the insights generated by the event will be used by organisations to further optimise climate efforts.

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Last Updated on January 4, 2023