With vast experience in identifying sponsorship opportunities for event organisers, BDS was excited to work alongside the organisers for the Bournemouth Christmas Lights Event to create a strategy that enables them to attract valuable sponsors. Assembling a comprehensive deck, our team put forward a series of suggestions that helped explain how it is vital for the council to create an offering that is distinct from other similar kinds of events.

Specifically, the proposal explores how attracting sponsorship for a Christmas light event will require objectives which clearly demonstrate how the event is providing value to the community as well as the sponsor themselves. Put simply, the proposal expresses how sponsoring the event is far more than a simple “badging” exercise and is a chance for sponsors to engage with the people of Bournemouth.

Illustrating how food and drink stalls can enable organisers to increase profits throughout the day, the proposal also details how forming partnerships for the event can help to generate additional revenue that goes beyond sponsorship agreements.

All supported with case studies and previous examples of our work, the proposal is an effective illustration of how BDS helps to deliver value for both businesses and sponsors.

If you’re looking to partner with external organisations for your event, be sure to get in contact with BDS today. We’ll be happy to help you identify the most suitable and valuable sponsorship opportunities available to you.

Photo by freestocks on Unsplash

Last Updated on December 7, 2023