Describing themselves as “the one-stop online resource and guide for anyone with concerns about, or caring for an ageing parent or relative”, Age Space provides a comprehensive range of online information and guides surrounding the various aspects of elderly care. Such a service is clearly crucial in the United Kingdom as research demonstrates how every year around 2.1 million adults become carers. What’s more, experts estimate that 3 in 5 people will become carers at some point in their lives.   

From helpful articles on dementia to articles about the financial and legal implications of an ageing relative, the Age Space website also signposts useful resources to be found across England’s counties.

Launched by Annabel James after she discovered how little information was available to her after her mother experienced a stroke, the Age Space website supports over seven million people who are responsible for providing care to ageing relatives. From strategies that can be used to navigate challenging conversations, to product reviews and technology recommendations, the site provides everything users need to deliver a remarkable level of care.  

Enabling Age Space to reach a wider audience, BDS has created a sponsorship strategy and sales deck that will allow the organisation to attract investment from corporate sponsors. To find out more about Age Space, or how BDS works with clients to create sponsorship strategies aligned to their goals, simply get in touch with our team today. 

Last Updated on September 2, 2022