Fitbit and Diabetes UK have launched a three-year partnership to help people live healthier and more active lifestyles.

The two organisations will work together to promote how healthy lifestyles can play a role in the prevention of type 2 diabetes and management of all types of diabetes. BDS worked closely with Diabetes UK to develop the sponsorship element of this multi-faceted partnership, creating a new mutually beneficial approach to sponsorship across the charity’s main challenge events, which starts with their flagship event – One Million Step Challenge.

One Million Step Challenge, as the name suggests, challenges participants to take one million steps over the course of three months during July to September. With the support of Fitbit, the event will be promoted to a wider audience, to extend its reach. It’s a fantastic way to encourage people to establish healthy habits, whilst raising money for the charity.

In addition to this challenge, the partnership will focus on recruiting volunteers to share their stories and showcase how a more active lifestyle can help reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, or help minimise the impact of living with any type of the condition. The partnership will also deliver a series of initiatives to encourage healthy behaviour change throughout 2021 and the coming years. 

Fitbit Diabetes UK BDS Sponsorship
Image credit: PixieMe

Reflecting on the strengths of the partnership, Chris Askew OBE, Chief Executive at Diabetes UK, explained how:

“We believe Fitbit is the perfect partner to our programmes supporting people with, and at risk of type 2 diabetes, to be active and to live healthier lives. Together, we hope to affect real change in the fight against all types of diabetes and we are very much looking forward to getting started.”

BDS are delighted to have helped Diabetes UK form this unique sponsorship proposition that promises to bring attention to the work and objectives of a fantastic charity, whilst at the same time promoting healthier lifestyles. Such a collaboration ultimately proves the enormous value that targeted partnerships offer to both brands and organisations. To find out more about the ways that BDS brings together such partnerships, call us on 207 689 3333 or get in touch via our contact page.

Last Updated on September 29, 2023