Serving in advisory and consultancy-based capacity, BDS Sponsorship is proud to be working alongside The Equal Group. From defining sponsorship propositions to developing assets and guiding the creation of collateral and strategy, our work has helped to enable the group to accomplish their ambitious aims and objectives.

The Equal Group is an organization focused on identifying and eliminating bias in the workplace. Change is facilitated through strategic consultancy, supported by data and embraces cutting edge technology to make a tangibly positive impact on the workplace. The Equal Group has a proven track record in making a noticeable difference to the organisations they work with to embed EDI (Equity, Diversity & Inclusion) best practices.

Hosting and facilitating events is an important part of the work carried out by The Equal Group. BDS Sponsorship Ltd were brought on board to provide strategic advisory support for an upcoming virtual conference that the organisation is hosting in conjunction with BCU Birmingham City University at the end of May / start of June 2021.

The goals set for the sponsorship of the virtual event were clear:

  • Drive event sponsorship revenue,
  • Define sponsorship packages
  • Meet clearly defined targets
  • Translate marketing strategies/plans into event sponsorship benefits
  • Actively and intelligently seek and target new business opportunities
  • Ensure exceptional value for sponsors across all activities

Ultimately, The Equal Group virtual conference is designed to empower and raise awareness of the organisers, delegates, speakers and, of course, the sponsors.

BDS Sponsorship have been ensuring organisations meet and exceed their event sponsorship goals for over thirty years. Managing sponsorship sales for a virtual event involves some new challenges, but also offers many sponsorship opportunities that are unique to this type of event.

To find out more about The Equal Group, visit their official website.

Last Updated on May 16, 2024