BDS are proud to have created a series of engaging sponsorship sales materials for Zip World, an outdoor adventure activity provider that operates across the UK. Enabling them to better promote their partnership opportunities, BDS assembled a compelling sales deck made up of striking imagery and content that clearly communicates the benefits of their corporate sponsorship offering.

Featuring a series of on-site photographs which perfectly illustrate how Zip World is an industry leader in adventure tourism, the sales deck BDS created explains how the organisation has:

  • Already attracted over 1M visitors in 2022
  • Won awards for its status as a leisure destination
  • Built Velocity 2, the fastest zip line in Europe.

In addition to promoting the achievements and unique selling points of Zip World, the sponsorship sales deck also explains how their sponsorship opportunities enable businesses to meet a range of objectives. Specifically, a sponsorship partnership with Zip World allows businesses to:

  • Increase their brand visibility
  • Host exciting product showcases
  • Provide tickets for hospitality events
  • Enjoy greater access to media and marketing opportunities

Ultimately, the sponsorship sales deck summarises the key advantages relating to business development and brand awareness as well as the additional benefits of having access to outstanding staff and customer entertainment. If you wish to find out more about the exciting opportunities at Zip World, or If you and your business are looking to develop your sponsorship sales strategy, be sure to get in touch with BDS Sponsorship today.

Last Updated on September 29, 2023