Set to be held in 2022, BDS is excited to work alongside Riverside Studios in Hammersmith as they launch a brand new digital arts festival. Responsible for creating an effective sponsorship strategy for the event, BDS has enabled the organisation to acquire the funding necessary to achieve its goal of making the arts as accessible as possible. A former Victorian iron works, Riverside Studios was converted into a film studio in 1933 and went on to become the birthplace of many classic British shows like Hancock’s Half Hour and Doctor Who. Transformed into a dedicated community arts centre in 1978, Riverside has since earned a reputation as one of the capital’s leading hubs for creative performances, hosting everything from theatre to dance productions, as well as comedy and music from some of the world’s most recognised performers.

Working towards a series of charitable aims, Riverside Studios commits to: 

  1. Maximising the accessibility of the arts in the local community
  2. Providing a broad range of entertaining programmes that entertain and educate the diverse demographic of their community 
  3. Collaborating with schools and charities to promote the importance of the arts
  4. Harnessing the capabilities of digital technologies to increase the accessibility of the arts
  5. Promoting wellbeing through the arts

Guided by these five key principles, and with new state of the art facilities to welcome guests to, the upcoming digital arts festival promises to be an exceptional event that further increases the work that Riverside Studios carries out.  

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Last Updated on September 29, 2023