Setting out to increase the revenue and profit margin from sponsorship activities with the ICC, BDS is currently building a strategy which enables the organisation to better identify opportunities with new and existing clients. Born out of extensive research, the strategy is guided by industry benchmarks to ensure that the fees and structure of sponsorship packages are pitched at the optimal level. As part of the core deliverables, a target operating model is being provided which makes it easy for the ICC to identify the kinds of people and types of organisations to engage with to reach an achievable target. To enable the ICC to be as successful as possible, a high-level implementation roadmap is also part of the deliverables.

In order to provide the greatest value possible, BDS began the process by conducting an audit of the existing processes surrounding sponsorship opportunities with the ICC. The output from this undertaking was supplemented by Advanced Discovery meetings with key stakeholders in the organisation to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of where the most effective solutions could be provided.

Based on these findings, BDS is creating a strategy which is focused on how to best develop a dynamic which can be defined as a strategic and profitable Business Partnership. To do this at scale, a plan is being built that includes a market overview, sponsorship benchmarking, and an analysis of other competitors in the industry. To ensure a competitive edge, a compelling partnership proposition is currently being outlined along with key USPs and potential activation ideas that can be easily managed.

In addition to providing the ICC with documentation to improve the performance of their sponsorship packages, BDS is planning to host a series of interactive workshops with key stakeholders which are designed to upskill and share the skills necessary to be effective sponsorship managers.

Altogether, the sponsorship strategy currently being developed for the ICC will ensure that the organisation is as competitive as possible and delivers outstanding value. To find out how BDS can enable your organisation to codify sponsorship processes and secure valuable partnerships, be sure to get in touch.

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

Last Updated on February 6, 2024