Helping to inspire fresh and experienced professionals, Working Eye is an organisation motivated by the incredible ambition to “bring profound social change”. Focusing on employees rather than employers, Working Eye starts where the problem begins by enabling people to effectively enter the employment market. Unique in its vision, Working Eye works towards its objectives through a platform that empowers individuals to make smarter career choices.

Proud to be a part of such an exciting mission, BDS is currently working on a corporate sponsorship strategy which will form a vital part of Working Eye’s revenue stream. By providing businesses with the opportunity to be a part of shaping the future of careers, BDS will invite corporations to engage with an organisation which is accredited as an IBM Global Partner.

In addition to being renowned for their mission, Working Eye is also at the forefront of technology, utilising advanced IBM and AI technologies to empower employees in an altogether new way.
To find out more about how BDS creates powerful sponsorship strategies for technology businesses as well as a range of other industries, be sure to get in touch today.

Last Updated on November 11, 2022