We are pleased to announce that we have been appointed by the National Forest Company (NFC) to develop a Strategic Partnership Strategy.

The NFC has created the biggest English broadleaf forest the country has seen for over a thousand years. This ambitious project is one of the biggest environmental regeneration projects in the world. The forest has been in intensive development for the last forty years and the NFC has overseen the planting of nearly nine million trees. The NFC is also responsible for managing this huge forest, which covers around 200 square miles in the Midlands.

The National Forest Company launched the ‘Greenprint Strategy’ in 2019. This new strategy is focused on the developments that will take place over the next twenty-five years of the forest. This vision is an exciting shift from transforming a landscape, and deals with crucial environmental issues, including mitigation and adaption relating to climate change.

The Greenprint Strategy is about creating real change, in a real place; it is a tangible example of a new blueprint for sustainable living, where trees are the key to transformation.

The Strategic Partnerships Strategy, managed by BDS Sponsorship Ltd, will include an audit of the current partnerships and will identify new company sponsorship opportunities based on the assets, ambitions and objectives of the NFC.

The strategic partnership strategy will also include commercial recommendations for the two major NFC events, the Timber Festival and The National Trek.

The Timber Festival is an international 3-day event that celebrates woodland culture and the transformative impact of the forests through music, art and debate.

The National Trek takes place every September and encourages people to get outdoors and use the Forest for exercise. A highlight of the National Trek event is a 75-mile hike through the Forest.

The potential benefits of a partnership with NFC include an association with one of the major regeneration projects in the world, significant CSR opportunities and the potential to engage with over 9 million people who visit the Forest each year.

The initial phase of the strategy development is now complete, and BDS have been appointed by the National Forest Company to undertake the strategic corporate partnership sales process.

Last Updated on September 29, 2023