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Department of Health: Smoking Cessation Programme

Research and Development

Following completion of a strategy on finding highly cost-effective ways of delivering the smoking cessation campaign objectives through private sector partnerships, BDS targeted, sourced, approached and met the targeted companies.

Summary Results

Tobacco in the Workplace Initiative


To find eight companies to take part in the Tobacco in the Workplace Initiative. This initiative was designed to help major employer’s to support their staff’s smoking cessation.


BDS successfully sourced eight companies, McVities, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, Scottish and Newcastle, Procter and Gamble, The Body Shop, Forte, Dixons and Unipart, who agreed to take part in the Tobacco in the Workplace Initiative. The companies were targeted to broadly represent British business and reach a large proportion of the target markets, as set out in BDS’ original strategy: C2DE least advantaged adults.



The screensaver was an interactive support tool for consumers wanting to give up smoking, based on the Prochaska Change Model. This was to be marketed to consumers and businesses (for their staff) through a direct mail campaign, and virally on the internet. BDS were asked to secure a sponsor to fund the development of the screensaver.


BDS followed their initial research discussions with Nicotine Replacement Therapy product manufacturers by obtaining an offer to sponsor the screensaver from

Promotion of the NHS Smoking Helpline Telephone Number

Smoking Cessation Programme


Following the introduction of the new NHS helpline number, BDS were asked to devise a cost-effective way to publicise the new number.

BDS recommended the introduction of a new ‘no smoking’ sign that carried the NHS number, and the website address. BDS also agreed to target and contact venues with high footfall from the public, to persuade them to use the sign.


BDS secured over 1000 venues by attaining partnership with targeted companies (for example London Luton Airport, P&O Stenna Line, Debenhams, John Lewis, Odeon Cinemas and First Group Plc among many others) who agreed to prominently display the signs.