BDS Sponsorship, Sponsorship Information

Department of Health

The BDS remit for the Department of Health was to undertake a highly cost effective Travel Communication Programme whose objective is to generate significant sign up for the new E111 form. The only costs incurred were our fees and print.

BDS initially agreed with Department of Health ways in which strategic partners could publicise the new form, the agreed target partners and how their commitment would be achieved. These partners committed to generate sign ups of the new E111 in a variety of ways suggested by BDS e.g. publicising the form on their company website (with hotlinks to the Department of Health website), including information in their own publications (e.g. e-newsletters, travel brochures, magazine), distributing credit card sized leaflets and posters and through internal communication and training of their staff.

The success of the programme is clearly demonstrated by the results. In four months BDS obtained co-operation from over 450 partners including: Boots, who placed posters and distributed leaflets in their 1,470 nationwide stores; TUI who distributed leaflets and placed posters in all of their Lunn Poly and Thompson branches; Teletext who placed information on their travel section, which receives 4 million visits per week and Yahoo, whose travel section receives 60,000 unique visitors per week, who provided information and a hyperlink to the Department of Health website. The total number of leaflets distributed was 8.3 million and the Department of Health signed up 1 million people for the new E111 in just one month compared with previous average sign up levels of 250,000 per month.

The campaign required minimal input from the Department of Health due to the pro-active reporting and approval system set up by BDS Sponsorship.

In summary, BDS Sponsorship’s work for the Department of Health was successful and very highly cost effective. If the Department of Health had opted to pursue more traditional (i.e. paid for) marketing channels to obtain the same results they would have been required to have undertaken a multi-million pound advertising campaign.