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Richard Busby is the author of the first ever Management Report on sponsorship Measuring Successful Sponsorship, published by The Financial Times.

Richard Busby co-wrote Marketing magazine’s Guide to Sponsorship and was also consultant editor to a second Financial Times report Maximising the Value of Sports Sponsorship.

For more information and the opportunity to obtain a free copy of Measuring Successful Sponsorship, click here.

BDS have also produced and published ‘Successful Sports Sponsorship: Lessons from Football’

Fraser Houlder wrote ‘Sponsorship Measurement and Evaluation’ and contributed to the ‘Future of Sports Marketing’, both of which are available from Sport Business. Please click here to purchase.

BDS Sponsorship were commissioned by the UK government’s Arts and Business to write their guide for arts organisations and sponsors on Measuring and Evaluating Arts Sponsorship.


BDS Sponsorship created, and organised for thirteen years, the largest sponsorship conference in the UK. In 1999 the conference was expanded into the First European Sponsorship Conference which attracted 500 delegates from 31 countries.

Richard Busby, the Chief Executive of BDS Sponsorship and other members of staff have spoken at numerous other sponsorship conferences both in the UK and abroad (Canada, Czech Republic, Dubai, Eire, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Italy, Singapore, South Africa and Sweden).