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Are you considering becoming a sponsor?

Are you considering becoming a sponsor?

Questions you should answer in order to evaluate sponsorship as an opportunity for your company:

Business Plan

Is sponsorship an integral part of your business planning or an ad-hoc decision area?


Do you have a clear decision-making process on sponsorship in your company?


Do you have sufficient data and knowledge in-house to professionally assess sponsorship opportunities put to you?


How much effort do you make to keep abreast of the complete range of opportunities that are available for sponsorship?


Are the majority of your sponsorship programmes created or initiated by you, or do you select the best of the opportunities that are put before you?


Have you set clear objectives on the use of sponsorship based on properly researched discussions?


Do you consider that what you currently sponsor is totally right for your company and its needs?


Do you have experienced staff in-house and especially those who are experienced enough to maximise the sponsorship opportunity?


Is your sponsorship activity fully integrated into your overall marketing programme? Do you exploit your investment to the full and make it work through sales promotion, PR etc…?


Do you research your sponsorships at all/sufficiently? Do you know what research information is currently available in sponsorship? Do you know how your sponsorships are currently performing?

Sponsorship Consultancies

Do you know the major specialist sponsorship consultancies and have you fully evaluated their range of services?