BDS Sponsorship, Sponsorship Information

British Airways London Eye


1. Maximise income from secondary level sponsorship
2. Enhance the visitor experience
3. Increase marketing resources and enhance the reach/awareness
4. Protect BA’s title sponsorship
5. To save on fit out costs
6. To support and promote educational projects
7. To develop long term mutually beneficial partnerships
8. Form alliances with brands and companies that ‘fit’ with BA’s:
9. Target markets
10. Corporate objectives
11. Brand vision
12. To create preview corporate hospitality packages

British Airways London Eye

Enhancing the visitor experience:

  • Sponsorship can enhance the visitor experience
  • E.g. British Airways London Eye sponsored by Nikon
  • Objectives: maximise income
    • To add value to the visitor experience
    • To enhance marketing reach
    • Protect BA’s title sponsorship


BDS arranged for Nikon to sponsor BALE

  • They offered binoculars for visitors during their flight: Enhancing the visitors experience
  • Combining a cash fee with in-kind sponsorship and a retail opportunity


BDS Sponsorship secured the BA London Eye over £1 million per annum in sponsorship income plus an additional £1.7 million per annum in marketing support.

British Airways London Eye